Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to book individual trips instead of the program in its entirety?
No, it is not. For two reasons. First, the concept of the programme is to really organise the legal equivalent of the Grand Tour; to provide a broad perspective on legal and cultural Europe. This implies a series of visits. Secondly, the social coherence we seek in this programme cannot grow in a changing group.

2. What are the dates for 2017 – 2018 programme?

  • Rome – Where it All Began: 26 / 29 October 2017
  • Brussels – Heart of European Democracy: 01 / 04 February 2018
  • Paris – Great Works of European Art: 29 March / 01 April 2017
  • Berlin – Recent European and World History: 31 May / 03 June 2018
  • London – Fast Lane of Financial Industry: 28 June / 01 July 2018
  • The Hague – Legal Capital of the World: some time in May 2018

Please check each city page for all the activities during the 2016-2017 tour.

A minimum number of students is required for the Legal Grand Tour to proceed. Please register before July 24, 2017 by sending an email to Ioana C. Ciobanasu at i.c.ciobanasu@vu.nl. We will know – and inform you – whether this threshold is met August 21, 2017.

3. Can you be specific about which costs are covered by the programme fee and which costs are not?

Yes. The programme fee is € 2.250,-. This covers, for all six trips, the hotel including breakfast, fees for visits, seminars and workshops, fees for cultural activities and one group dinner.

The programme fee does not cover travel expenses, as students tend to prefer arranging for travel individually. Around € 700,- should  suffice for all travel expenses of the programme (assuming you book your flights sensibly in economic terms). You must also buy your own lunches and two dinners during each trip.

4. Is it possible to pay in terms?
Yes, it is possible to pay in four (4) terms: August 18, December 11, February 26 and May 7. Paying in less than four terms is, of course, possible. Please note that paying in terms does not imply selecting some of the cities. Unless force majeure, you are required to complete the tour and pay the full amount.

5. What are the payment options?
Due to high transfer fees when using PayPal, we would prefer you paying by (international) bank transfer.

For bank transfer, please contact Ms. Ioana C. Ciobanasu at i.c.ciobanasu@vu.nl.

If you would nevertheless like to use your PayPal account, please use the button below.

This button will allow you to pay the total fee of € 2.250,-.

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6. Will these trips interfere with my studies and exams?

No, they will not. Each trip is scheduled at the end of an exam week and no exams are scheduled for any Friday. You will have to arrive in each city on Thursday evening, so even if you have an exam on a Thursday morning, you will have plenty of time to make it. Actually, we find this tour a very relaxing manner to unwind after an exam week.

7. Will I be able to go home for Christmas?

Yes, you will. There is one exam week when there is no trip scheduled, and that is the one before the Christmas holiday. We will travel first time in October, and then again in February.

8. Could my partner or spouse join the tour?

Yes, (s)he is more than welcome. If your significant one would like to join the tour, (s)he will be considered as one of us.

9. Does the Vrije Universiteit make a profit out of this project?
No, it does not. The programme fee is our cost price. We organise this programme because it fosters young people’s knowledge, intellect and curiosity. This is our core business.

10. Where can we send our inquiries?
To the programme coordinator and organizer, Ms. Ioana C. Ciobanasu at i.c.ciobanasu@vu.nl.