Brussels – Heart of European Democracy

“The EU should be concentrated on adapting to globalisation and global competitiveness, not building more powerful centralised institutions in Brussels” (William Hague). Point taken. But for the moment, Brussels simply is the administrative and democratic capital of the European Union. Lawyers need to know how it works. We will visit the European Parliament and the European Commission. You will get the chance to talk to a Member of the European Parliament and attend some tailored presentations at the Commission. To conclude with leisure: Brussels has more inspiring sightseeing to offer than you would expect.

The dates for 2017 – 2018 are 01 / 04 February!

Legal Program on Friday

European Parliament
The European Parliament is an important forum for political debate and decision-making at the EU level. The Parliament acts as a co-legislator, sharing with the Council the power to adopt and amend legislative proposals and to decide on the EU budget. It also supervises the work of the Commission and other EU bodies and cooperates with national parliaments of EU countries to get their input.

The visit comprised of a presentation and a visit to the Plenary Chamber. The presentation covered the legislative procedure of the European Union and the role of the three institutions involved this procedure and provided some more detailed information about the European Parliament (eg. number of MEPs, Political Groups, etc.). Visiting the Parlamentarium was optional.


European Commission
The European Commission is the EU’s executive body. It represents the interests of the European Union as a whole (not the interests of individual countries). The Commission’s main roles are to propose legislation, enforce European law, set objectives and priorities for action, manage and implement EU policies and the budget, represent the Union outside Europe. The European Union’s activities today affect millions of European citizens’ lives.

We visited the Directorate-General for Communication. The program comprised of two presentations:

  • The European Commission: the political executive of the European Union
  • The EU Trade and Investment Policy: the TTIP negotiation process

Group dinner at Restaurant L’Ogenblik

Cultural Program on Saturday

ARAU Private Guided Coach Tour

Theme “From Art Nouveau to Art Deco”

  • Visited the Horta Museum and Villa Van Buuren

Group drink


Concert “Freedonia” at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts


The program board paid for the transportation by fast train Thalys.

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